My patients believe that investing in their health is an investment in a richer, more abundant life.

  • Finding an experienced doctor to administer ozone into my joints to eliminate arthritic inflammation has been a huge blessing - and has provided a tremendous amount of relief and healing. Not only is Dr. Mastrogianakis skilled, she is kind, compassionate, and a trusted resource when it comes to bettering my health. I highly recommend her! 

    - Stephanie F. - RN, MS,CPNP
  • Fantastic Doctor! Dr. Mastro is very intelligent and really cares about her patients. She has excellent communication skills and takes plenty of time with each patient. She clearly explains your treatment plan. I've personally seen how following her treatment plan has greatly changed my health positively. I've grown to trust her greatly. Highest recommendation!

    - Jim S.
  • I searched long and wide for a new Doc, after losing faith in my previous physician of 7 years. My search turned out VERY well for me!! Dr. Mastro is compassionate, genuine, honest. GREAT listener! She has and is working WITH me, thinking outside the boxes as we work to figure out MY puzzle. More physicians should be so dedicated To their patients. In my 35 years, as an RN, and a patient,  I have found very few who place their patients as a priority. Dr. Mastro is even as I stumble, Very dedicated to my health and well-being. Thnx Dr Mastro!!

    - Melanie M. - RN
  • After 49 years of great health I experienced several health issues including Bloodclot, TMJ, Neck and back issues, and autoimmune issues. I had brain fog and no energy. I had been to all sorts of doctors including General Practitioner, Chiropractor, ENT, Neurologist, Rheumatologist, Hematologist, Vascular  & Orthopedist. I felt like I needed a doctor to look at the entire picture. I also decided not to start taking Plaquenil to manage my autoimmune (undifferentiated connective tissue disorder) as suggested by my Rheumatologist and try to manage using alternative means. Dr. Mastro reviewed my entire history and ordered blood and stool analysis which revealed I had gut issues. I started on supplements and a restricted diet. I have more energy, less brain fog and think my gut is healing. I’m continuing on the restricted diet to prevent the autoimmune issue from getting worse and so far it seems to be working. I have experienced a great reduction in random aches & pains most likely due to inflammation. I am looking forward to retesting my ANA in the upcoming months and hope to see improved results verified! Thanks Dr. Mastro.

    - R. S.
  • I had pain in my right shoulder for several months in late 2016. I tried chiropractic adjustments, saw my primary care physician, who ordered x-rays, prescribed physical therapy and OTC pain meds. A Thanksgiving weekend visit to an urgent care, a steroid injection, a referral appointment with an orthopedic surgeon and more x-rays followed, with a diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis or "frozen shoulder." My chiropractor recommended I make an appointment with Dr. Mastrogianakis. We discussed my shoulder pain and she explained the procedure. After my first prolozone treatment, I felt pain relief before I left her office. I had two more treatments in December 2016 and myshoulder is still pain free! 

    I visited Dr Mastro again in October 2018 with severe hip pain and after two prolozone treatments, my hip feels better than it has in years. I'm very grateful to have learned about Dr Masto and to have received this natural alternative for pain relief!

    - M. K.
  • Dr. Mastro is passionate about helping patients improve their health. She is attentive; very thorough; and utilizes a wide base of knowledge in her treatment plans. Her response to emails is timely, and she has always responded, which is a big deal for me. During my first session with Dr. Mastro, I could sense that she truly cared and that I was not just another number to her. I have been to several doctors and I believe Mastrogianakis will be my last as I have confidence she will help me optimize my health...

    - T. T.
  • My daughter had seen numerous Doctors over the last year, was hospitalized multiple times, even had her gallbladder removed trying to solve her GI problems. After one meeting with Dr. Gena, she was on a treatment plan that has her back to eating normal food and back to work. Dr. G is what modern medicine should be!

    - V. W.

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